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Shodoshima: Feeding of the pigs
People who have moved to Shodoshima have taken up a number of different crafts, among them the raising of animals for food. Here are sounds of pigs being fed. (2015/07/24)
Scarecrow farmers
Scarecrow farmers tending the fields in which nothing but weeds grow. (2015/07/22)
Scarecrow Lumberjacks
Scarecrow lumberjacks hard at work in Nagoro. (2015/07/22)

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築地の場外 Tsukiji's Outer Market: Tokyo's Pantry

Fri May 23 2014 by Carolyn Stevens
Tsukiji is often called 'Tokyo's Pantry'. Located only blocks from Tokyo's glittering Ginza, Tsukiji—the world's largest marketplace for seafood—is a prominent landmark, well known but little understood by most Tokyoites: a supplier for countless fishmongers and sushi chefs, and a popular and fascinating destination for foreign tourists.>>

大阪の大丸デパート Daimaru Department Store in Osaka

Wed Apr 02 2014 by Thomas Baudinette
The Daimaru chain of department stores are principally located in Kansai, although they may be found within other regions of Japan and also in other parts of the world (interestingly, there used to be a Daimaru in Melbourne, Australia, but it has since changed hands). .>>

浅草の浅草寺 Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

Tue Mar 25 2014 by Thomas Baudientte
Sensoji Temple in Asakusa is Tokyo's oldest and most popular temple and is a popular tourist attraction, drawing in millions of tourists annually. Sensoji is also a popular place for Japanese to pay their respects to the gods during New Year.>>