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“Doki no Sakura” (“Cherry Blossom Classmates”)
At the end of morning meditation and a talk by the Director of Danshukai, residents sing the song “Doki no Sakura” (“Cherry Blossom Classmates”). This was a song popular in WW2 using lyrics from by poet Yaso Saijo that liken the ill-fated Imperial Japanese Navy pilots to sakura petals that will “meet one day again at Yasukuni Shrine.” (2013/12/17)
Okonomiyaki in Teramachi, Kyoto
The Teramachi Shopping Arcade is a major retail centre in Kyoto which includes the famous Nishiki Market (for fresh and processed foods). Carolyn Stevens and Shuhei Hosokawa meet with their families for a casual meal of okonomiyaki (savory pancakes). Sometimes they are also served with noodles (yakisoba) and other dishes. In recent times, okonomiyaki recipes have become more innovative, including different ingredients. In this photograph, a cheese pancake is featured. (2015/04/05)
Viewing Cherry Blossoms from the Uji River at the Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival
The first week of April is a special week for Japanese of all ages; it is the height of the cherry blossom season. The blossoms can be enjoyed during the day, or at nights, illuminated by lights. People plan hanami (blossom viewing) parties, where they gather during the day (or in the evening) in parks and picnic under the pink flowers. Here is a recording taken at a day time event in Uji, just outside of Kyoto. During this hanami festival, recreational boats take passengers on brief trips up and down the river which is lined with blooming cherry trees. In this recording you can hear loudspeaker announcements from the festival headquarters to facilitate everyone's enjoyment of the day. (2015/04/04)

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Nightlife in Shibuya

Thu Jun 09 2016 by Richard Chenhall

“The nightlife is defined by Japanese more what by what it does than by where is exists”, says Anne Allison in her book about Tokyo clubs and bars (Nightwork 1994, p. 33). Accordingly, Sonic Japan features sounds made in various places in the public and private spheres. Sounds heard in...>>