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Water Supply
Pachalbel's canon playing from a water supply building. (2017/02/08)
JR Line West Gate Sapporo Station Ainu Man
At the west gate of the JR Sapporo station, stands a carved full sized figure of an Ainu man. (2017/02/05)
Sapporo Snow Festival Police and Tourists
Policeman inform tourists about staying safe at the Sapporo Snow Festival 2017 (2017/02/06)

Latest posts

Arashiyama Wedding

Fri May 26 2017 by Tamara Kohn

What a sight in the midst of the splendid bamboo forest walk at Arashiyama: A young couple posing for wedding photos in a stream of light on the wide path. The bride’s long white dress glowed with a brilliant light that appeared to emanate from the bodies of...>>

Genkoan and the bloody footprints

Tue Jan 31 2017 by Tamara Kohn

This temple, founded in the 14th century, sits high in the hills in northwest Kyoto. Since the late 17th century it has belonged to the Sōtō School of Zen. It is famous for its main hall (hondo) where there are two windows – one perfectly round and another...>>

Osaka Inside Out

Thu Dec 22 2016 by David Novak

This mix draws from a field recording project undertaken in July 2007 with several collaborators from around the city of Osaka, in the Kansai region of western Honshu, Japan. I asked my friends and colleagues to bring me to places that sounded most like Osaka and the experience of living...>>